October 2022 - September 2023

  • July
  • This is an open call for application to the worksession Techno-Cul-de-Sac.
    We invite artists, city dwellers, activists, electronic scavengers, conflicted urbanists and reluctant designers to spend a week together sharing practices related to the city’s zones of attention, contact, conflict. (...)

  • September
  • Fictional weather forecasts; a social artistic project by Amina Saâdi and Rébecca Fruitman.
    Opening installation: Thursday 22 September from 18:00 on.
    Blue sunshine, milky skies, budding clouds .... the weather is a favourite subject that encourages encounters and loosens tongues.
    For the (...)

  • October
  • A Traversal Network of Feminist Servers is a collaborative project researching and experimenting with a server’s intersectional, feminist and ecological potential, whose communities travel between each other to share and extend their skills through live gatherings.
    The sixth encounter of the (...)

  • Superfloukse is a dystopian non-non-fiction written and produced by Leslie, Corentin and Martino, loosely based on the text "Pistage dans le cyberespace", published in issue 53 of the journal Culture & Démocratie.
    It stands in continuity with the research on wireless tracking and commercial (...)

  • November
  • Collective space looking for additional members!
    A collective space of more than 200m2 is slowly taking shape in the neighborhood of Koekelberg, Chaussée de Jette 388. Inhabited, for now, by artists, collectives and researchers working around technology, visual arts, architecture and urban (...)

  • Constant is looking for an individual (x/f/m) who will contribute from her.his.their artistic experimental digital practice to the development of Constant’s programme, and the feminist and intersectional perspectives we advocate. Constant’s work focuses on sharing, collaboration and knowledge (...)

  • Public moments in a week-long collective research full of experiments, encounters and artistic interferences with the city’s technological zones of inclusion and exclusion.
    23 Nov, 17:00 - The Good, the Stib and the Poppy Debate with Open Coil + Thyl Van Gyzegem (IEB) [English] What to do (...)

  • Projection of the movie “Machines in Flames” (50min) and debate with: Andrew Culp, Dana Papachristou and Brett Zehner
    The movie recounts the history of the CLODO group, that mysteriously brought on a series of attacks to the computing industry in Toulouse in the 80s.
    In an open-form panel, (...)

  • December
  • Opening for the vitrine

  • Opening installation: Thursday 1 December from 18:00 on.
    The SPLINT deck of cards is ready to be put to the test!
    For the next five years of its program, Constant will relentlessly ask: What could/should Speculative, Libre and Intersectional Technologies (SPLINT) do? A deck of cards, the (...)