Iterations is committed to the future of artistic collaboration in digitally networked contexts. Multidisciplinary artists and practitioners are brought together to create speculative works that feed the imagination of possible modes of artistic collaboration.

Iterations was a collaborative European project between (NL), esc medien kunst lab (AT), Hangar (ES) and Constant (BE). Between 2017 and 2020 a series of activities took place in Giampilieri, Barcelona, Graz, and Brussels.

Project description
New realities ask for new practices, and these practices need to be developed. Through a series of hands-on residencies and discursive exhibitions, Iterations provided situations in which artists collectively experimented with new ways of ’art working’ which make space for collectivity and collaboration. The project was structured around the conceptual model of ’iteration’. Inspired by recursive forms of collaboration as they exist in open source software development, the project Iterations applied repetition and circularity to artistic methodologies, in which the output from one activity was used as the input to the next.

In digital arts there is an increasing momentum for open code, sharing and networked creation. Iterations further developed this exciting prospect by involving open source methodologies originating from the digital realm into analogue art-practices, artistic knowledge exchange and exhibition-making. Iterations investigated processes and motivations that invited artists to explore models of cooperation and free digital tools. Iterations extended into art-related fields by addressing aesthetic, ethic and legal aspects of multi-authorship, commons based economics, political and social potentials that open up around the artistic. Following the open source philosophy, the project established common grounds to all activities.

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