Here are the basic technical informations about the stream.
If you need help or want to understand better what to do, please read our « Listening to a stream » tutorial.

location of the stream:

open the stream in my player:

try this

or this:

streaming thanks to:

 Listening to a stream (step-by-step)

- Step 1

To listen to the radio streaming from Constant you will need a MP3 audio player (1).
If you already have one you can go to step2. Otherwise, download one from the list below(1). Most of them are free and the installation procedure is generally straightforward.

- Step 2
Connecting to the stream:
There are several methods to connect to the stream.
  1. -The cosy way
  2. -The purist way

----The cosy way----

just click on the url below.

Depending on the automatic procedure of installation of your MP3 software, it might open directly the stream and you can already sit back and enjoy the sound of the Constant Radio. But software as life can be full of surprises and not necessarily good ones. So it might fail.
Before yelling at your computer, try this link.

If this link is better suited to your equipment, you should see your player open itself and then enjoy the sound stream.
If this doesn't work, you are forced to consider following the purist way.

----The purist way----

In a way or another, listening to a stream is to open a url into your player.
It is just as simple as that.
Clicking on the links as proposed above, just lets you download a file containing a url. This file is then read by your player for the pleasure of your ears.
There are several reasons to do it otherwise. You don't like the player that opens this file by default, or your player is already open and a cut and paste operation is the easiest way to start listening.
If you have a graphical player (an interface with buttons and menus), in the menu open, select « open url » and paste the following url:
If you have a text interface, type the name of the programme and the url:
example for mpg123:

- Step 3

Consulting the archives:
If you liked some of the interviews/sounds /conferences and want to know more about it, please read the playlist(playlist.php) and consult the sound archive where you can download the sounds in ogg format. Before downloading, check first if your player supports ogg format(players(1)).

XMMS, MPG123, MPG321(Linux, Unix ...) , Winamp , FreeAmp ,Windows Media Player(M$Windows), Macamp, Itunes(MacOS).
All platforms: RealPlayer.