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Song Alma de Canta'ora by Amparo Sanchez (former Manu Chao collaborator) :

Transformative justice
Path of individuals and collective healing through community accountability, compassion, and commitment. It was a way of creating a system of community-based justice grounded in the humanity -not the brokenness- of i t s members in our creative capacity to transform and heal from living in a violent and imbalanced society. Instead of turning to the state, we drew on the streng t h and resources already in our community to end sexual assault and bu ild safer, healthier relations among and between activists.

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We envision a world where everyday people can intervene in incidences of child sexual abuse in ways that 
not only meet immediate needs such as stopping current violence, securing safety and taking accountability for harm; but that also 
prevent future violence and harm by actively cultivating things such as healing, accountability and resiliency for all — survivors, bystanders, and those who have abused others.





Draw your hand in a piece of paper and try to answer inside each finger this questions:
1) natural skills / personality / roles you use to play in collective conflicts?
2) can you remember a (past/first/important) conflict/problem ?
3) optional 
4) wich skills you have adquired / tools you have to deal now as an adult / migrant
5) there is an on-going problem in your collective, family or Collective Conditions sessions you want to work with it

The power is inside of us, the feminine (the feminst) awakeness, I am the power, I am the heaven, I am the energy.
Feminist Healing
Chicana Feminism - Borderlands -- Dealing with: Immigration, Segregation, Having two tongues, Two Nationalities, Two ways of oppression or patriarchy, 

Chrysalis Collective - Based in Belgrave, Australia 

What kinds of protocols are in place to establish a transformative justice practice? 
https://supportny.org/transformative-justice/ --> Another reference

Body sensitive
Intersectional communication
Not afraid to propuse solutions in an experimental way

Potato energy : stay calm, motor energy 'this is what we have to do'
Protect people inside institutions (hide while being present with people) , deep cover: undertaking work underground
Starting energy ,needs help to finish

Good at starting
Proposing alternative perspective to see things 
Sharing and distribution   (ressources, information, tasks)
Participation of all - Social skills

reading bodies
finding practical solutions
very handy (materially)
emotions are mystery

Critical Thinking from a dominant point of view , I don't know what it is like to be oppressed
desire to show solidarity
very full energy ressources, aware of my own privileges
people listen to me

sharing vulnerabilities
start energy
enthusiasm :)
lik e one-on-one situation

Empathy only in one-on-one situations
fear of patronizing attitudes in conflicts
Consistency (?)
Good to connect people
Good to connect topics 
I'm no afraid to be smashed

Dealing with testosterone in a non-conflictual way
Humor as a way to disarm conflict
I don't use to say people what to do it, but to help them to reflect on things and find solution themselves
I talk in a simple way of speaking / leveling the discussion

Potato energy
practise in de-escalating in heated situation
mediator  with people I know / middle position between lot of people that do not always like each other
up for challenges

Pretty friendly
likes organising things
emotional   Inteligence : psychotic /mental illnesses
showing care
good at finding loopholes (way to use system for what it was not intended for), think creatively

empathize with anyone, also people 'you should not' empathize with
keeping secrets
people think I'm calm

Conflict to work with:
    - older man crossing the line of youngsters admiring him, how to asnwer him so that he hears it - subtle tone of him makes it difficult
    - growing public presence of hate, intolerance, racism, ecology
    - ideological, move from radical leftist to ideological 'mutual' (?) environments, frustration of being the trouble maker, attention/energies towards 1 person instead of towards the group, weird dynamics what do you speak from and who do you speak to
    - sexual harassment in the street, slow reaction, threw stones - to understadn when something is a limit, not being afraid to say this is my limit - women in patriarchal society & private life
    - how ot create family/friend like structure where there is  commitment and places of suuport for pain issues, without producing familiar violence