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How do you address individual differences in collective identity? (acknowledge, make visible, represented and useful as quality)
When can speculation on/about toxicities lead to deeper understanding?
How can water help to create generative displaced spaces?
What would you propos e as ( a) mantra of spatial practise for dissolving mechanical time?
How can we construct a "soft" authority - let other agencies in/recognize their response-ability - when acting as an organiser
what's happening to your identities when you leave a collective? wil they dissolve and leave a gap in you and the collective? ...
How do interpersonal relationships inform, transform and challenge collective narratives and practices?
- Whose safety is being forefronted in protocols of image taking in public space ?
Q: Loren Yes agree about some materials [inc. concepts / practices] not being achievable as there is not access/ they are not accessible - However / or rather this has also been troubling me how to address this and also counter the commonsense / scientific / normative accounts / concepts becoming what is recongised and only recognised as accessible?? --> Strategies for this urgently needed! / ---> So thanks!! Helen
You addressed the imagination of time that there has to be a wrongdoing in the first place so that justice can act on it afterwards. If we think about generative justice (another timescale), how does that relate to predictive justice? (the algorithmic prediction of potential crime based on categories such as location, age, race, education,...) 
- How do you subvert marked segments to rethink / move hierarchies derived from highlighting the segments  ? ... (considering transferability and mobility at the same time ?)
Why to collaborate when there is no common ground? / How to collaborate when there is no common ground? / How to engineer conditions to make that happen?
Are there any limits to who can "be" Rica"? If yes, how do you set these? If no, why not?
How can the deleted/lost wisdom of indigenous traditions be discovered/revived through an understanding of the history of witch-hunt?
How to find pleasure within the collective process?
Show me what a time measurement tool could look like that:
- registers asynchronity instead of synchronicity
- goes sometimes faster or slower
- sometimes runs backwards
- How can water help to cre a te generative displaced spaces?
How to disarticulate documentation hierarchies (in terms of language, format, accessibility, origin)? Which conditions would help to that?
I hear your frustration about the homogenisation that structures so much of capitalist normalisation. I wonder how or if you can think of cultivating pleasure in relation to creating awareness ? Can pleasure be a strategy towards political awakening. 
How would an in-the-middle book of the future look like? 
Think about a specific part of yourself. What would you gift to this specific part? And to what other part would the gift be passed/gifted to?
How can something thet is NOT FITTING a system bring something positive to it? or: How can a system bring something positive to that what does not fit to it? 
Can law be non-violent?
What conditions are necessary for the versioning of the body, so it can produce law?
Does the stone know what it wants? Does the body know?
What is the difference between doubt and pluralism?
How do we let in other agencies in our management processes.How to recognize their responsabilitiies/power on the 'cuts' we make as organizers? How to deal with 'soft' authority? How can we construct a 'soft' authority when being an organizer?
How do Interpersonal relationships Inform, Transform, and challenge collective Narratives and practices?
What difference will you make if you're visible as a character in the film?
TERE Y LAS INSTITUCIONES. Como el quijote lucha contra los molinos. Su voluntad es mucha, el resultado, esquivo. -o- Para qué cambiar aquello que fue diseñado para no ser cambiado?
What would you do if you could go back in time and do an active conflict resolution in a particular situation? With precognition...
  What is the structure of the new, fun, queer Free Software Foundation?
- What would be a technique to relate ?
What does stereotype teach you? Do you embody only one or more stereotypes? If more than one, when and for what moments?
When can speculation on/about toxcities lead to deeper understanding?
Which tools or techniques could be helpful to unravel inherited behaviors (culturally, from families...) and re-learn new ways to relate to each other (especially in conflictual situations)?


NOTES from session II