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Queering Damage
A methodology for queering damage. 
A methododology for partial reparation … or not.
A methododology for holding damage.
A methododology or not

[quote DFS]

Queering Damage
Queering Damage invites us to wonder together about the potential of microbial, animal, plant, mineral, cosmological technoscience, to situate ourselves in these mundane and alluring scenes, to consider these labours and imagine a collective life otherwise. It asks us to ponder the possibilities and limitations of informatics and to take seriously the affective forces of nonhuman animals and machines. 
How might we extend queer theories that concern personal injury, into more-than-human ensembles, in order to consider the damages shared by humans and nonhumans?
How can we generate ways that take us beyond reparative narratives or benevolent utopianism towards more-than-human life?


Queering Damage is an operative analytic that :

The framework operates upon the damages through:

Queering Damage

operation n: Attunement
open the room, break the flow, get into the flow, feel the ground, attune to the environment, find the courage, feel the urgency,

operation n: Situation
damage: to widen the notion of damage and identify its conditions and surrounding. Pain, suffering, injury, uselessness, unrevoerability, unreparability, homophobia, racism, ageism, ableims, specism, classism, exclusions, inclusions,
queering: non-identitary, non-essentialist, non-fixed lives → trans*feminist approaches // intersectional, not-only-human, antinormative, affirmative, (partial) reparation: perhaps that we can have some partial hopes to repair some damages but not others, or to live with damage in ways that give comfort and care. A basic gesture of trying to organize a togetherness that counts.
queering methodologies: how can we, as Octavia Butler might say, 'uphold a politics of queer survival'? 
analytics (discovery, interpretation, and communication of meaningful patterns in data): a post-positive move. It is urgent to reclaim analytics in non profit experiments. Reclaim analytics as the practice of cutting complexity together apart[1]. Take on both the injuries caused by analytics and also to take on how we might invent/generate/build on an analytics for trans*feminist work that stays with damage.

operation n: Bringing damages
Bring one or two experiences of "damage" in the broadest sense. They don't have to be personally experienced injuries: they can be observed damages or collective ones. It can be bodily damage, community damage, environmental damage, personal injury, historical damage, public damage, fictitious damage, cultural damage, file damage, structural damage, naturalized damage, computer damage, urban damage, transgenerational damage, geopolitical damage... etc. 
operation n: Interviewing the damage
    • What is going on here?
    • Which are the agencies implied (alive or not, human or not, powerful or powerless)?
    • Wheres (spatiality / situatedness / displacements / distribution)?
    • Whens (temporality / durability / existing / extinct / repeated)?
    • Semiotic-materialities: what signs and matters are at work in this ensemble?
    • Your entanglement with the scene
    • Can a pattern be identified here? To what extent is this damage structural, or singular?
you might want to limit the time you want to spend with the interviewing-the-damage process beforehand.

operation n: Incomplete reading, bibliographic resistance
operation n: Subculturing
seriously test the (im)possibilities of being with a slime mold, spirit, stone, tree, ...
operation n: Analysis

1. Define your field of interest. Cut apart and together an area of urgency. Set the scene, through naming the fields
    ᘒ  ፨ ᚼ ⚘  ◊  ᗶ 
2. Declare your AE, Entangled Agents (myth, technology, ...).
Æ = pH+pNH+pIH+pF
    ^ + Æ (DAMAGE) 
3. Divide by the axioms of αe (ethics) and αK (Kapital): [dividing as a second cutting? Is this also a cutting apart together?]
4. Where/when: Define the spacetime conditioning: (ephemeral, eternal, cyclic, linear, continuous, eventual, historical present, memory, extincted, dreamed, extended, distributed, dissoluted, dispersed, concentrated, catalized, centrifugal, centripetal, located, situated, regional, local, global, reachable, micro, meso, macro…)
5. Talking about relations. Analyze and notate the Æ through a consideration of its Variable Relations (Ω repair, Δ damage, a affects, E effects, © creative force, ≠ difference)
    ∫ = ^ + ∬ / (xΩ , xΔ, xa, x∃, x©, x≠)
6. Apply at least one Generative Operation for your analysis, to see what it would do. Queering operations. These are tricky, they require you to take responsibility. Define their scale:
7. declare your QÆ = qH+qNH+qIH+qF+qd, declare the reconfigured entanglement:
    (tΩ , tΔ, ta, t∃, t©, t≠)
8. Divide by the axioms of αe (ethics) and αK (Kapital)
    [the rest of the formula goes here]
9. Name the other end of the equation:

H – Human
NH – Non human
IH – Inhuman
F – Fantasies/Imaginaries
generative operations (potentials for queering; modes of intervention):
>> remediate
^ scale timespace to n
i integrate
* multiply
# speculate
" renarrate
♥ love
↺ protest
♙ resist
♞ reclaim
↻ invent
✵ flip
⚕ celebrate

variable relations (a declaration of the relations in your scene of damage that you are you attending to):
Ω repair
Δ damage
a affects
∃ effects
© creative force
≠ difference
αe axiom of ethics (survival, caretaking, respect, responsability)
αK Kapital (accumulation, acquisition, growth)
ᘒ On the experience and process of damage and pain, partial reparation, loss/disposession
፨ On queer politics and methodologies, contestation, affirmation
ᚼ On contesting anthronormativities
⚘ On bioeconomies, lively capital, accumulation
◊ On computation, analytics, bioinfotech
ᗶ On political fictions, poethics, figurations &/or wild fantasies, opportunities


spacetime conditioning
implicancies only to be known through its implications. See: 'Deep implicancies' (Denise Ferreira Da Silva)


[something from version 1]

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