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## User Interface
tells you if someone screenshot an element
call for action button (like content warning button)
alert that you are leaving one ballot and enter another
customised joy enhancing emojis & bots
anonymising cloak for sending alerts
anti-kettling action: announcing each other of locations where this is happening
maybe something for shouting the number of the protesters being arrested

## Code of Conduct
don't be a redhead
definition of what is a critical call for action
for each of the ballots there is another code of conduct 
how active do you have to be to give consent? new captcha systems to test agreement/understanding
non-anonymous but you can cloak = become invisible
rotating people to be reassessing once in a while

## Conflict Resolution
if someone is, they have to bring a member of the management team
if someone is try to understand why this situation came to be

## Terms of Use
different ballots: different ways of striking, and different ways of striking (eg marketisation, publishing etc etc)
creolisation of language

## Peers

# Links

Code of Conduct

> Definition of Urgency, Content Warning
> Confidentiality for hot topics (drilling up locks etc.)
> Many 
> Updates (regular, reaccess)
> Rotating union leaders

User Interface

> Different BALLOTS/threads for striking #keyword
local subgroups, urgency, call for action, JOYful activities (poetry bots)
> Visual warning for change of code of conduct
> OCR Help librarians captcha
> Self-Destruction of Urgency chats?
> Direct Messages vs. Encrypted end2end
> Creolization of language? Decode
> Customized emoticons 
> DigiClinic
> Call for Action Button


> Striking academics
> Private/invite-based
> General Discussions are not anonymous, Urgent Discussions: Invisibilized
> Access? 

Conflict Resolution

> Notice when someone screenshots information channels
consequence: put in labour to solve a conflict
> Mediation not punishment (First step_Intention of screenshot)