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Game of Conducts \o/

(a cybernetic non-construction game about borders, walls and bridges, with nothing to win but confusion)


The Game of Conducts workshop is meant to be an opportunity to discuss the challenges of negotiating participation in networks in which the relation to the other can fluctuate from friend/enemy to more nuanced adversarial politics. In plainspeak, can I, or should I bother speak to my dodgy neighbour, and if yes, under which conditions?

The workshop is meant as a thought experiment and game to think about the impact of code of conducts, web interfaces, how we deal with information and network topologies, and how we present ourselves, and the communities we belong to, to the rest of the world. What kind of system emerges when society is fragmented in similarly organised groups, yet driven by different ideologies. Some compatibles, some less so.

To ground the workshop, we will look at and use the Fediverse as a playground for the thought experiment and game. The Fediverse is a term used to designate an ensemble of servers offering various federated services that can intercommunicate with each other. At time of writing microblogging is the dominant type of service, but other types of publishing are being increasingly present, such as video hosting and photo sharing. All together, and with nearly 3 millions accounts created across all servers, the Fediverse provides another way to think about social media, social networks, and online communities. Because of its diversity of use, the possibility for specific communities to run their own server and services, and a renewed sense of how politics can materialise online, the Fediverse represents an exciting case of a system currently oscillating between antagonism and agonism.

The Game

- 3-4 groups
- each group is an instance on the network
    To form the group, ideally:
    one person in each group should be a bit familiar with Fediverse (not mandatory but could give extra insights)
    Try to form group following closest interest

    - art and activism  HelenNina (1) (sorry, no activism today)

ToxicInARTS_toBURNthemALL! : (with hearts)
Social network inspired by https://CodeOfAcquisitions.org/ 'Exposing the good and bad practices of art institutions and galleries.' Platform initiated by Burak Arıkan and Ahmet Öğüt.
#CodeOfConduct would 
## highlight NO DOXING 
#Interface would 
## focused on spectrum of visibility of connections to other accounts (people and institutions) to establish some level of reliability
## email2post could make automatic posts from exchanges with institutions as evidence

L eft libertarian & libraria n librealiens hackers http://etherbox.local/pad/p/librealiens
  1.         Marzia
  2.         Enrique
  3.         Andreas
  4.         Connie
  5.         martino
  6.         Joana

Solar punk: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solarpunk + https://www.e-flux.com/architecture/positions/191258/is-ornamenting-solar-panels-a-crime/       :-(

Striking academics
  1.      Helen  
  2.      S      
  3.      Agustina  
  4.      Wendy
  5.      Nina
  6.      Cristina
  7. >> http://etherbox.local/pad/p/game-of-conducts_striking-academics

    - general all purpose instance martino Helen
    - LGBTQ zBlace  Helen nina (2)
    - antigamification gamers connie
    - algoravers and live coders
    - indymedia> :) martino zBlace Enrique
    - cynicists Nina martino
    - ???... 

Rules (kind of)

- 15-30min of aymeric ranting
- 5-10min Group making
- 1h30 for each group to provide material below, any proposal needs to be explained/articulated
- 1h00 to discuss it

Community Guidelines

* just CoC?
* What about TOS?
* conflict resolution HOWTO?

Just a quick overview is enough, no need to to write full CoC from scratch.
Curious about:
- using a known template?
- what's the general approach, will it be a generic broad statement of non harrassment? do you intend to go more in depth? do you not care about codes of conducts or want to use as Terms of Service instead, or something else?







User Interface

* metrics?
* UI changes?

Make some UI drafts! For instance do sharing counts promote trivial contreversial material? Are trending hastags useful? Algorithmic timeline vs hand curanted mess of streams and threads? micro, macro, long forms? Media?




* profile guideline: avatars?, pronouns?, dm me before follow, do you allow bots?
* anonymity, pseudonymity, passport ID, etc 
* public instance of invite-only, what level of invitation
* instance blocking, any particular communities you want to block, mute or filter?
* compliance to things like privacy and/or copyright laws (do you even care?)
* archiving: desired? to be avoided?


Bonus Track

Articulating why a specific text, wording, UI, network topology change (etc) is needed can be tricky but that's very important in this exercise. A possibly useful framework to formulate such articulations is Queering Damage.

Queering Damage


Write the pad link to your very instance here
Do not hesitate to make diagrams, drawings, etc, drag them on the etherbox UI and link from pad.
Only at the end of the session of the 1h30 mini group session


Product Placement: https://post.lurk.org/invite/orc3tTYw (context: https://lurk.org )