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Works with FLOSS on his job
is an It-er

Debian to run everything on everything

Not connected to IT (or is she not)
no imagination yet about what a bug - a report be

Artist - digital work

Uses linux
Debian distro
A bad user

Member of Constant
tries to unveil tech to artstudents
lazy debian user = mint
does physical computing
using other people's reports a lot
conversations at FB etc. are taken out of the public realm

Privacy enhancing technologies
Go to design technologies
A lot of theory, maybe not/maybe bugreporting
onion router
Recent work: looking at services that cause harm - how they produce externalities
optimisation / counteroptimise
unsollicited feedback

Works in computing department
FLOSS colleagues moved to management. They want bugreports
Using forums etc. make projects through the

Uncalibrated Bug Reports
Using dialogue systems (free software) are often too narrow
How to report issues that are not already prethrought in existing systems
questions of scales and expertise
bug-report as thinking tool


What is a bug
an error in a process / an error in a program

something wrong -- writing or behavior
communication between people using the same code

problem of pollution (people reporting on the same problems in different ways+different places)

18.000 bugs reported to Debian
so first discuss/ask
can you reproduce

Is it a real bug or is the program not designed to do task?

is this already a bugreport? no, it is a bug

it is easy to reproduce ... 

showing errormessages in the terminal: a report on the bug, but not the bugreport (nor the bug)

reproducing a bug = making it not work again

some bugs only happen once; only on launching a program for the first time

'not happening as you expect'

ask: I think this is a bug (do not assume!), see if others have the same problem

need to be very specific about who/what/when/where/

reportbug command within Debian (collects system information for you, very practical)

check if somebody has reporting

“Holing in gaug” refers to the practice of working an area already worked by others, and these others are interweaved throughout this project. The practice of “holing in gaug” is part of a feminist practice that continues to chip away at advanced capitalism as it continues to work on areas of importance rather than always produce the “new”. 

follow your bug: maybe it disappears at a new version. This is helpful.

[use duck duck go] site: bugs.debian.org shutdown g d m3

'Normal bugs (unclassified)'

linux doesn't look the same as another linux - graphical layers on top 

'Sometimes it is not about what you want but about what you need'

'Dear Maintainer' = default text :-)

APT policy = system policy
Jean-Marc runs testing release (other policies: stable, ...)

Debian is a universal system ... 140 other systems on top of it
APT = package installing system

advanced package tool
a package = components needed to run a program. A binary, man-pages, translations, description of dependencies, prerquisites -- ready for distribution. First as 'unstable'

why testing? have the latest versions (impatience) + wanting to help

What motivates people?


You can get things broken in testing - new versions broke my system a few weeks ago - at that point you need to search and check what was the last program and start searching the program 

I just installed this and its broken!

you need two computers, one that can break and one on stable?

cellphones can be your best friend - screenshots and try to put your computer back on.. 

' if your computer is broken how can you report a bug!? '

What do you want to put back? 

Backup is nice - a way to install your system is better - thats the complex backup


it will go only after a few days (this is policy), a package will go to stable

when will things go to stable? is there such a thing? if everyone is changing everything all the time
a release = freezing. Only testing releases will be frozen

'release critical bugs'

it includes a timepath for what bugs are critical for a release to be solved first

It doesn't mean that all these critical bugs wil be fixed but they can decide we are confident or comfortable enough to make it stable enough

is there an automatic tester for bugs?

fear of critical ? 
A tester bot?
Yes an automated system but it never discovers everything.
You have to put in place some automatic testing.

What does testing actually mean? And when does it happen? And how?

Current software practice: write the test at the same time as the software. Agile software does not have releases, or it gets released all the time.

testing - bugs - reporting

what becomes a bug and who to complain to
How do you complain when a system is continrously changing?

how to complain / where to report

debian is a collection of software. maybe the combination with other software/by another company is producing a malfunction.
first report to the distribution

let's report in logical ways!

the system for reporting bugs is specific to Debian
each distribution uses its own system

80000 bugs around
18000 on the testing


[naming in Debian: Toy Story]

guideline: how to report a bug

'I am a user, I am not a part of the community'

everyone can report bugs

https://www.debian.org/Bugs/Reporting -- orientations for collaboration with Debian

urgency -- if many people complain ... and you are not supposed to replicate?
level of the bug is decided by the reporter (severity)
maintainers decide to elevate or put down priority 

'if it is something cosmetic .. no priority'

how many people are impacted
severity helps flag issues when updating

normal bugs

a non-critical bug is when there are workarounds

different practices with linux, different interfaces allow different things such as visualizations (is this linked to orientations maybe?)

don't need to sign up to the ideological position that command line is "better" or close to the machine

*** ERROR: "Ubuntu" BTS is currently unsupported. Please use "ubuntu-bug" (from
the apport package) for reporting bugs in Ubuntu. You can report bugs to Debian
by specifying 'bts debian' in your ~/.reportbugrc or by passing the -B debian
option on the commandline (see reportbug(1)).


what did you expect

automatic retrieval of your system

the information is very much framed

when is it time to expose a (security) bug?

Responsible Disclosure - sometimes people will release the bug to put the pressure on - regarding widespread security bug

The Debian Social contract is written: you should not hide problems

and in return are you never allowed to disclosree
if people start experiencing harm they will disclose... 

We will not hide problems
If it doesn't stay free - duplicate and start your own (the tragedy /tramedy of forking as an ideology)

the tramedy of systemd 
the system to start your system

Devuan vs Debian 

just put systemd in the subject of your email  and everyone arghhhhh

free but with angry heavy issues inside
next DebConf happening in Haifa - 
there is a forum on this  - 
Deb conduct says there should be inexclusion - yet the whole state of israel is based on racism 
many people asking how can you spend years on this and then have the conference there
The timing of this event shows that there is more political at play 
Seems there is maybe zionist support within debian and companies funded 

Is your bug fixed?
How do you maintain your bug?
Keeping a list of bugs, and notes spending some keytime on it
Can you remove your bug report?
You can close it but not remove it
whose bugs gets answered
which communicy is more friendly or not 
and being able to write in your own language 
not just the debian conference location - but the recent events of sexual harrassment - the non politicl and heavy delcaration are making new debates about what is software freedom
- have a computer, be kind, be smart, have a technical ability /sensitivity to repor, be able to speak english, 
gnu linux and debian as a main distru  had alot the axis to technology and another way of understanding but there are many gaps - and a new debate about whats freedom whats technology
all the hacker and free softwzre knwoldeg are confronting cellphones - people are changing to cellphones
for me phone is like going 15 years back
all the big debates maybe could be updated but at the same time lost - 
time for somethign new
we've been having this battle around free software for a long time - always been white and male
but its such a huge commitment - to put into play - and putting yourself in a testing unstable position
radical demands its a time for radical demands
maybe we need to get rid of cellphones
we need to ask more radical questions