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Bots of conduct

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varia presents their work
-mission statement
 overcome boarders between various fablabs/hacker/co-working spaces
 technologies for the social
 infrastructures / selfhosting
favors f/loss with idealising
- codecs of conduct
need to specify
not static, but evolving
drafted by 5 discussed further with 15
guided by external mediator
expected / unaccepted behavior

1. Go to https://conversejs.org/fullscreen.html#converse/register
2. W rite: conversejs.org
3. Click: Add new groupchat ([+] Button next to "Groupchats", left sidebar)
4. Fill in botsofconduct@muc.vvvvvvaria.org and a Nickname
5. Done!

To speak to whisperbot:
1. Add as a contact: whisperbot@conversejs.org
2. write to the bot :-)
3. check botsofconduct@muc.vvvvvvaria.org for details

To use gather.py:
@glossary-add phrase

Notes from the conversation

ReniBot: how easy it is to fall into the techno-solutionist trap
one idea was AnrachoBot that would temp destroy info, shuffle, disrupt, info-anarchic-de.organisation

JoanaBot: bot no memery .. hmmm ... some chatters might (or notà have memory, Social Muscles(fromBrussels?) how to massage vocabularies ...
different relation between information, to bring new hierarchies;

AymericBot: super ambivalentL you get quickly dragged into a cybernetic thinking: responding to a situation by turning it into a presumed computability
tools that can be empowering, automation — > but do not lead to efficiency
programatic situation, but some situations are not computable
it's a trap!

non-involvement of some user in decision making, it's easy to get metrics, but it doesn't add always to the discussion; statistical approach is misguided

its very easy to capture statistics and metrics; but its not a questions of quantifying.

there are other apporaches of capturing note taking, or bots as publishing tools  
classic tools  of documentation .. 
things that do not try to add intelligence ....

HelenBot: a bot to diffract and cluster a group for tomorrow

fragment and diffract 
automated injustice grouping
why would a person be less injust

groups can separate on feeling
it opens up another logic that can be at play at once: parallel logics

possibility space that is openned when you do it in such a way (via bot logic?) not in another way

Ninabot: thinking about Fluxus
art language, conceptual art, ... what works in real life flashmobbot? 
bot flashmob
ah ok, a flashmob of bots ?

A bot as a policing authority ... 
or a guide ? 
asking questions to get someone self-realise ? people mchoosing their own group their is injustice involved
along job, sexuality, gender lines ..... injust structures can be self-choosen

outsourcing of dictatorship

the society of bots  
coc for chatbots

invisible disabilities; — > if you are a code of conduct you cannot individually react to a situation; in real life this is more fluid but when you program it you fall into more strict rules;

slow typing
calmbot: bot to slow down keystrokes when someone is typing it
gendered statement usually: "you should calm down"
slowing down is different to calming down

'quantification parade' — > a bot can count multiple actions; and make it playful or disrupt the logic of what 'matters' to be counted.