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documentation of dance
what is the agreement of pictures of bodies in space
example about piece aboit gravity, face of astronaut was part of the piece

Example of how to 'draw' a figure by dancing: Bonom grafity artist dances a piece:
We can think of a time lapse capture device that takes a picture every 10 sec.

Portrait ?
Stickers and pegatinas in the PC as extended identity

combination of stuff that we leave  : cups

Elements thta testify of bodies in space:
body heat, 
snow, grid, 
transducer passed sound to the water
Sound connection

What is the gymnastic: think in differents way of take/circulate photos  // How to prove collectivity --> XIX century idea of photos

MASK --> function of documentation (prueba) and keep it private
RECORDING --> not clarifying the name
TRACES --> of body in space, stuff´s movement 

Over-visibilization of personal information? 

Fun ideas to make group images: 
* group formations in teh space (tables, chairs, bodies)
* group picture everybody with back to the camera
* group picture of everybody's hand lines
* Season photo of clothes
* Table with object of protocol/project?
* Signature 
* Sound recorded - steps?

we tried: 
    photos of computer lids
    photos of hands
    photos of reflections in phones 
    photos of cell phones
could be done:     
    Photos of necks (connie)
    recording of tango floor with contact micro
    continue to make series from the above

Idea of Nina: 
    infra red (or other) detector that can sense when phot is taken, a flash will be fired against the picture