From 20 to 31 July @ Hangar, Barcelona (ES)And more...Possible Bodies: Imagined MishearingsThis summer, the Possible Bodies inventory travels to Hangar (Barcelona) to mutate with local affinity networks and communities of concern. During a two-week residency, the collective research (...)
> Research triggers: (the PB project is rather intuitive as a who... ➚ Notes for a conversation with Nicolas http://sicv.activearc... ➚ Omdat ik inlog over ssh op de server, maar het proces wil laten draaien gebruik ik 'screen' ssh (...) ➚ Installatie en trainen van een char-rnn aan de hand van Justin Johnson's Torch-RNN: https://github.... ➚ Enkele vragen die vaak terugkeren in reflecties op ML * Zijn bots concurrenten van mensen? Zullen (...) ➚ La Cour suprême indienne a commencé mercredi à entendre des plaidoiries en vue de déterminer si les Indiens possèdent (...) ➚ Gesprek dat aan het denken zet Digging Into Facebook's File on You ➚ Algorithmic Uncertainty pad paradise --------------------------------------------------------------... ➚ Algorithmic Uncertainty pad paradise --------------------------------------------------------------... ➚ mb@mb (#e4310bb7) at 20 Jul 17:49 added a page for the Moments of Approximation & small css changes (...) ➚ mb@mb (#7bc08bf9) at 20 Jul 17:33 small changes ➚ Gijs de Heij (#18b3656a) at 20 Jul 17:09 Added pid files to ignore ➚ mb@mb (#2b51516c) at 20 Jul 17:08 navigation details ➚ mb@mb (#789942ee) at 20 Jul 17:01 disabled stylesheets ➚ Algorithmic Uncertainty pad paradise --------------------------------------------------------------... ➚ Algorithmic Uncertainty pad paradijs --------------------------------------------------------------... ➚ En fin de semaine dernière, WikiLeaks a tiré sa nouvelle salve de documents sur la CIA et ses outils d'espionnage. (...) ➚ Piraté en 2015, le site de rencontres adultères Ashley Madison propose 11,2 millions de dollars pour dédommager les (...) ➚ POSSIBLE BODIES ROTATION II: IMAGINED MISHEARINGS ➚ Decision: Use RSS feeds to join different resources of the ERG. Use an aggregateur to collect and (...) ➚ For much of history, the only way to chronicle life was to write about it. Now, many of us take selfies on our (...) ➚ Your browser does not support the video tag. In the frame of Ways of Machine Seeing, a series of experiments in (...) ➚