Algolit is a project of Constant, a workgroup around i-literature, free code and texts. The group was initiated in 2012 by Catherine Lenoble and An Mertens. Since then, the algoliterarian space (...)

Algoliterary Encounter

In the framework of Saison Numérique the Maison du Livre opens its space for Algolit during three days in a row. The group presents lectures, workshops and a small exhibition about the narrative (...)

Algoliterary Lectures

In the framework of Algoliterary Encounters, we will be hosting two lectures on Friday 10 November. Generative Models and the Digital Humanities: Towards Synthetic Literature, by Mike Kestemont (...)

Algorithmic Wildlife

Constant member An Mertens will take part in this evening programme of Coded Matter(s) in De Brakke Grond in Amsterdam, with a presentation of her research on ’Algorithmic storytellers’. Other (...)

Stories from the Algorithmic Forest

As a contribution to ’elif n°1 : Résistance électronique, stratégie éditoriale et cyberféminisme’, a seminar reserved for students of Ensba Lyon and Esad Saint-Etienne, An Mertens will present a series (...)

Anna K: Just for the record

Together with visual artist Clara Thomine, the writer Catherine Lenoble is invited to talk about Anna Kavan and other heroines during the first workshop of the series Just for the record. Just (...)

Anna K

fiction : Catherine Lenoble / design : Open Source Publishing

Close-reading Kenneth Goldsmith’s Uncreative Writing

As part of the residency of artists Billy Bultheel & Enad Marouf in Brussels, Constant will be co-organising a close-reading session of Kenneth Goldsmith’s Uncreative Writing on 5, 6, 7th June (...)

Code as a literary tool

An Mertens will speak about her experience with automated processes as part of literary creation, in the framework of the workshop ’Chatbots as a poetic tool’, organised by poet Maartje Smits in (...)

Contested Tongues

For Contested Tongues, an event by Witte de With Class of ’16, Algolit members Manetta Berends, Gijs de Heij and An Mertens will present a performative lecture in which they will use texts of the (...)

Death of the Authors @ Print Error / Jeu de Paume

The work by Constant, The Death of the Authors/edition 1941, is on show in the virtual gallery of Jeu de Paume during the exhibition ’PRINT ERROR/ PUBLISHING IN THE DIGITAL AGE’ curated by (...)

Ecrire à l’ère d’Internet - Schrijvers op het net

Constant member An Mertens will present a series of algoliterary works for the audience of Passaporta. Writer Diane Meur will present how she uses the internet for her work. Author Annelies (...)

Frankenstein Chatbot Parade

"I’m the other, the different, the stranger, the supplement, the late-comer, the non-foreseen. Being not an animal, nor man, not god, I don’t take part in the primitive scene, and that’s why one is (...)

From Words to Numbers through Word embeddings

Algolit, the workgroup around FLOSS literature and code, organises a meeting in Rotterdam around word embeddings. Word embeddings are an algorithmic method by which a machine learns language by (...)

From words to numbers using tf-idf

Algolit, the workgroup around FLOSS literature and code, organises a meeting on term frequency–inverse document frequency (tf-idf), a numerical statistic that reflects how important a word is to (...)

Le Petit Prince au pays des Hackers

Peter Westenberg is invited in the basement of La Quadrature du Net in Paris, where he is asked to SYMBOLICALLY scan his book of St Exupéry’s Petit Prince using their Open and DIY Bookscanner. It (...)

Literary creation with Python

An Mertens will give a lecture and host a workshop at l’Ecole Supérieure d’Arts et Design de St Etienne on the use of the Python programming language for literary creation. A line of code is like (...)

On Journey with Hovelbot

New landscapes are in the making by how we interact with our telephones and computers. Two hundred years after Mary Shelley wrote her novel Frankenstein, an Algolit Extended group reinterpreted (...)

On datasets

Algolit, the workgroup around FLOSS literature and code, will organise a meeting on datasets. Based on the Algoliterary Encounters of November 2017, we will present one or more algorithmic (...)

Playing out words to numbers

Algolit, the workgroup around FLOSS literature and code, will organise a meeting on word embeddings. A few Algolit members will present physical scores that we try to play out, in order to fully (...)

Poésie à l’écoute

Mélanie Godin invites the publishers Esperluète and the project of La Langue Schaerbeekoise to talk live about their work. Poésie à l’écoute is a live radio program on Radio Panik every Wednesday from (...)

Poetics of the Algorithm

Constant members Catherine Lenoble and An Mertens will present Algolit at the conference on Poetics of the Algorithms. During this lecture, they will share the latest discussions around automatic (...)

Python for Literary Creation

OLA is the TLA for the Parisian organisation Outils Libres Alternatifs (Alternative Free Tools). They will host a workshop with An Mertens on using Python code for literary creation. A line of (...)

Radio Algolit @ Désert Numérique #5

Radio Algolit is a performance presented by Nicolas Bourbaki. On the menu: creations with code and literature written, read and pronounced by humans and scripts working in intimate collaboration (...)

Supervised Machine Learning for writing & reading practises

Algolit is a project of Constant, a workgroup around i-literature, free code and text. On Thursday 3rd November we will start from Uncertainty Detected, a supervised machine learning script (...)

Text & code or algoliterature

Kask, School of Arts in Gent, is organising a project week on the topic of Open Tools. Students from 9 different ateliers will collaborate. Constant member An Mertens is invited by the Media Art (...)

The Death of the Authors - 1943 @ Brussels Poetry Fest

"The Death of the Authors - 1943, a botopera’ will be performed again in Wiels on Friday 11th September as the opening act of the Brussels Poetry Fest. The installation will be on show in Wiels (...)

The Death of the Authors, 1943

Fats Waller, Nicolas Tesla, Beatrix Potter and Sergei Rachmaninov are some of the many artists who have left this world during the second world war, in 1942. Their works entered the public domain (...)

The digital at the heart of intercultural encounters

Constant member An Mertens will participate in this round table around the idea of the commons in artistic and digital creation. This encounter is organised by ScriptaLinea, a network of writing (...)

Towards Collective Gentleness?

‘A Sentiment Thermometer’ is one of the installations in the exhibition of Algoliterary Encounters. It will be the starting point for the workshop. It asks questions to commonly used language (...)