Zone Public: Close Encounters

What happens to artistic research when it is made public? As a contribution to the ongoing conversations in a.pass on the dynamics of publishing generated by technologies of artistic research, Zone Public (re)considers the conditions for dissemination of these specific forms of knowledge production. It activates the tension between research-as-process versus the crystallisation that publishing requires. It wants to open up the exhibitionary regimes which seem to articulate -our- current artistic research practices and the infrastructures of knowledge production that -we- are both using and possibly used by.

Close Encounters are public sessions organised in the context of this programme, where we will discuss publishing, publicness and publication with invited guests:

  • Thursday 6 February: Zones of disobedience With Elen Braga, Eve Kalyva and Steven Jouwersma, hosted by Pierre Rubio
  • Thursday 27 February: Agency. With Kobe Matthys, hosted by Peggy Pierrot
  • March (date to be announced): Input / Output - Read / Write. With Eva Weinmayr and OSP, hosted by Femke Snelting

Zone Public runs from 6 January until 2 April 2020 and is co-curated by Pierre Rubio (a.pass), Peggy Pierrot (erg) and Femke Snelting (Constant).

@ a.pass 4th floor

Delaunoystraat 58/17, 1080 Brussels (Sint-Jans-Molenbeek)