Wild filmmaking presentation + workshop

Author-right laws regard audiovisual artworks as being original works, and its creators as isolated individuals. But whom do these laws serve? Many filmmakers position themselves as part of a culture that is social in character and widely networked. It foregrounds collectivity, sharing and doing things together. Furthermore, contemporary digital culture is a culture of copying and networked distribution that gives content a richer past and a performative future. What new attitudes towards audiovisual creation are these notions proposing? And what does it mean for online sharing when the 2019/790 EU directive on copyright will attribute full liability to the uploading platforms? Caricature, parody, pastiche; quotation, criticism, review: can uploadfilters separate the wheat from the chaff?

On Friday 31st, the MoBo research lab of the RITCS, will look into sharing, copying and remixing as an artistic practice.
In the morning, we discuss the creative spaces and loophole practices in the field of actual author legislation, with presentations of author rightslawyer Herman Croux, Rebecca Fruitman + Joachim Soudan of Cinemas Sauvage and Peter Westenberg of Constant vzw, association for Arts and Media in Brussels.

In the afternoon you can join the "Wild filmmaking. Cut, copy, run, collective." laboratory. During this film remix-party we cut and paste new works out of the collection of Cinemas Sauvages. Cinemas Sauvage is a biannual filmfestival in Brussels, organized since 2017 by a hybrid and moving collective, that is represented in MoBo by Rebecca Fruitman + Joachim Soudan. For the remix-party they join forces with Peter Westenberg, visual artist and cultural instigator working in the field of community based, technology related public art. The films that will be started here (and continued elswhere?) will be shown in the MoBo-library and at Cinema Nova on Public Domain Day (to be continued...).



RITCS | Royal Institute for Theatre, Cinema & Sound
A. Dansaertstraat 70
gelijkvloers, naast het onthaal
B-1000 Brussel