Variable Loop #12

The studiobuilding VARIABLE opens its doors every first thursday of the month for ’LOOP’, an informal moment for everyone who would like to meet the artists, taste the work, see the studio-space. This Thursday there will be a.o. presentations by the artists in residency Maria Karagianni & John Colenbrander, a presentation of the construction of a future local fablab with OS tools in Ker Thiosane (Dakar), a film made in the Open Source Video Lab...

VARIABLE is a ’Free Libre Open Source Software (F/LOSS) Arts Lab’. There are collective workspaces for hardware, design, textile, sound, video... VARIABLE welcome artists to work with, discover, experience, get involved with open source software.

Supported by Constant vzw and Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie van het Brussels Hoofdstedelijk gewest.

@ Constant Variable

rue Gallait straat 80, 1030 Brussels