Project: Towards

Urban Act

What is a collective platform and how can it operate? This is the central
question of the book, Urban Act, produced by Atelier d’Architecture
Autogérée, Paris.

The book contains essays, statements and presentations
by a wide array of activists connected through the PEPRAV network (AAA, AG
Gleisdereieck, Ald, Atsa, Blok, Citymine(d), Constant, Daniel Kuhne &
Hogler Lauinger, Echelle Inconnue, G.L.A.S, Iyo, Laboratorio Urbano, Meike
Schalk & Apolonia Sustersic, Metrozones, Obersvatorio Metropolitano, Park
Fiction, PS², Pttl, Public Works, Recyclart, Rotor, Sharrow Community
Platform, Syn- ).

The publication includes contributions by Constant’s members Laurence Rassel and Femke Snelting who describe the methods and
tools we use in our practice.

To order a printed copy of the book (20 euros):

There will be a PDF version of the book available on the PEPRAV’s website
under a Creative Commons license (the contributions of Constant will be
available under the terms of the Free Art License).