Transmedia - Workshop: Autonomous channels

Workshop-seminar about the strategies and realities of autonomous digital platforms.

To think one’s work on line is to position oneself globaly and politically. Nothing is neutral not even the code, the machine, the electricity you are using. The choice of your software, of your network, of your memory will determine not only the audience, but also your engagement for the future as consumer, creator or both on the internet.

For artists, activists, independent journalists or critics, an opportunity exists to build autonomous channels of collaboration and distribution. Video servers, sound streaming, mailing lists are relatively free and easy to set up compared to the traditional medias.

The free software developpers have produced the tools to build this infostructure. Nowadays, artists, activists and cultural practitionners have to find their way through the reharnessing of the commercial tools and the exploration of the free software’s realm.

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@ Brussels