Radio la Cage #10: "le flamand" part 2

Radio Panik
105.4 fm, Brussels


Radio Marbotin is a radio station created by eleven adolescents of the Marbotin neighbourhood in North Brussels. Seven boys and four girls of around 16 took out to the streets to inquire people (their classmates, random passers-by) about what they believe is a "flamand".

This is a re-broadcast of a programme realised by Les Boromites-Radio Marbotin, Hervé Brindel from the organisation Gsara, the artists Cécile Michel, Aziza El Kouais, for the project for the improvement of social cohesion l’Union des locataires, and the teachers of rue de Renan-Marbotin, Khalid M’Kharchef, Omar Abdelaoui and Saïd Gadi. In collaboration with le Foyer schaerbeekois, KIF (97.8FM) radio hip-pop and R&B bruxelloise.


Langue Schaerbeekoise / Schaarbeekse Taal

La Langue Schaerbeekoise gathers words and terms spoken by the many different people living in the Cage aux Ours neighborhood of Schaerbeek.
La Langue Schaerbeekoise récolte à travers des rencontres autour de la Cage aux Ours les mots utilisés par les différents groupes de population du quartier.
De Schaarbeekse Taal verzamelt woorden die bewoners rond de Berenkuil dagelijks gebruiken, maar die niet zijn opgenomen in de officiële talen van Brussel.