Pure Data Patching Circles

The Pure Data patching circles are free open workshops organized monthly to gather, share, learn and enjoy around the Pure Data software in a creative way. Aimed at artists and coders as well as a large public during specific events (performances and presentations), the patching circles in Brussels are this season hosted by Constant in Variable, a F/LOSS Arts Lab dedicated to new media art techniques and questions in relation to Free Libre Open Source software, hardware and culture.

This activity is hosted by Olivier Meunier (olm-e and open to confirmed as well as debuting users, in a spirit of knowledge sharing and collaboration. The activities proposed are a pretext to meeting and personal evolution for the participants.

This first meeting is conceived an afternoon of tinkering with the first bits of the installation in the space, with basic setup and patching, a work session with Olivier Heinry about deviating a CYSP2-beamer, followed by the BBQ organized by Variable, and a more formal presentation of the patching circles and pure-data software and projects to the public coming over.

Access is free but please register at

Public transport: Tram 25, 55, 94: Liedts

— This project is supported by the Ministery of Culture of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, Digital Arts —

@ Constant Variable

Rue Gallait straat 80, 1030 Schaerbeek