PA/PER VIEW: Assembly

For the annual art book fair PA/PER VIEW, Agency (Kobe Matthijs) speculates on the question: How to include book making in art practices? How are typeface designers, book binders, lay-outers, etc... taken into consideration by copyright law? Thing 001452 (Orion) and Thing 001535 (Introductory Language Work) will convene an assembly at PA/PER VIEW in order to bear witness. Agency has invited a diverse group of concerned guests to "translate" on these things: Thorsten Baensch (publisher Bartleby), Sari Depreeuw (legal scholar VUB), Manuel Raeder (graphic designer), OSP (Open Source Publishing: Ivan Monroy Lopez/Seb Sanfilippo/Femke Snelting/etc..), Ziga Testen (graphic designer), etc...


Avenue Van Volxemlaan 354, 1190 Brussel / Bruxelles