Open Content

A workshop conducted by Nicolas Malevé in the framework of Becoming.be organized by Cargo vzw, on collaborative practices of creation.

Becoming.be is a flexible platform designed to allows the publication of media documents on the web. It is written with the idea in mind that different people will use it to create images, sounds, texts that can be shared and remixed in different pages.
During the Open Content workshop, it was discussed the different preconditions necessary for a work in collaboration and the different free and non free licenses. The becoming platform developped by Dominique Callewaert was tested and gradually learned how to initiate a positive dialog between the testing users and the programmer of a web project.

A dialogue was organised with Pierre De Jaeger who gave an overview of the radioswap project and a workshop to learn the basics of sound editing with Wendy Van Wynsberghe.
To start an experiment, the participants were proposed a ballad in the city of Oostende and to follow a certain itinerary, taking a picture or a note every 25 steps. The different views of the urban environment resulting from it have constituted the basis of a collaborative experiment.

@ Oostende