As an incubator, artistic workplace, think-thank, content generator and media lab, Constant’s goal is to "(..) encourage audiovisual media (film, video, media, electronic arts, software) and support them (through production, exhibition, publication, research, financially, in-kind) in the broadest possible framework. We cherish an ethical approach and respect for cultural differences and gender. We focus on various groups or individuals (artists, public institutions, including schools, colleges and universities, theorists, media institutions, creative industries). The list of audiovisual arts, target groups as well as the different ways of support and stimulation is not exhaustive." (Statutes, 1997)

Development is the core work of Constant. With development we mean generating new shareable content, perspectives and ways of working in collaboration with artists and designers. Constant creates research-oriented situations around themes that are important for the development of artistic practices. Artists from any disciplinary background, are supported in tightening their relationship with contemporary technology.

The development takes place on different levels of artistic practice.

  • Individual artists can develop their own practice through improving their knowledge of computers, free (as in freedom) software, the Internet. The artistic experiments that are at the basis of our program promote the understanding and demystification of technology.
  • Participants develop a collective knowledge, by sharing their experiences and skills with each other in group situations. Personal networks are created around a common field of experience. This allows for lasting relationships that promote long-term artistic exchange.
  • Constant works on the development of the digital art field. Constant functions as a driver of new practices. We develop new digital (free -as in freedom- software) tools for (and with) the digital artists of the future. We foster new initiatives and structures. We share our work and experiences with fellow labs and arts organizations. Through groundbreaking collaborations we deepen the field and we push the limits (universities, governments, civil society organizations). Also presentations, spreading and production times find a place in our program. However, they are invariably research-focused : the innovative, experimental and investigative aspect is paramount.


A propos

Constant est une association sans but lucratif d’artistes autogérés, basée à Bruxelles depuis 1997 et active dans les domaines de l’art, des médias et de la technologie.