Culture: (un)common good

In the framework of the yearly meeting day of the Pulse Transition network Culture, Femke Snelting and An Mertens will organise a workshop about ’Digital Commons’. Participants will discover processes of digitalisation and ways to remix work that belong to the global commons, through the works of four authors who came into the public domain in 2014: Henri La Fontaine, Beatrix Potter, Fats Waller and Rachmaninov. Which aspects of their work belong really to the public domain? Where to find their works? How accessible are these? What is needed to digitize them? And what are the best places to disclose their digitized oeuvre?

Pulse – Transitienetwerk Cultuur is a network of actors and organisations in the Flemish domain of arts, heritage and social culture, that collaborate with the Flemish Community at the transition towards a social and sustainable society.

@ Congres- en Erfgoedcentrum Lamot

Van Beethovenstraat 8, 2800 Mechelen