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Constant Variable @ Open House: Discover an ’artistic variable’ in Schaerbeek

As part of the Open House event, Constant Variable will open its doors to the public from 17 to 19 May between 14 and 18h. This artistic laboratory behind the facade of a beautiful mansion in the street Gallait in Schaerbeek will surprise visitors with posters sibilants, rap’s experimental area and a recipe that turns the contents of your bag letters. Come and discover what connects libre fonts to
beats, open hardware to the subversion of video surveillance software, and a 21st century urban dictionary to active archives.

Constant Variable is a F/LOSS Arts Lab. Constant Variable is also a research project. Constant received the keys of the house from the VGC until the summer of 2014 to install this artistic incubator. At regular intervals, the house opens to the public. Like now! Enjoy!

More info on Open House Festival:

Brussels enjoys an international reputation as a small cosmopolitan, next to it’s status as the administrative capital of Europe. Brussels is also an excellent habitat for various cultural and artistic practices. Many international artists and creative minds regard Brussels therefore as a perfect base and testing ground for their artistic experiments.
The many Brussels-based art laboratories - active in various disciplines - are of proof of the presence of this humus for innovation in art and culture. The artistic melting pot implies cross-disciplinary connections and cross-media art practices, varying from architecture to performance art, and gives us an illustration of the artistic - and therefore also social - reality of tomorrow.
24 different artist organisations and alternative management offices are jointly organising an Open House event on 17, 18 and May 19, 2012, in cooperation with the Kunstenfestivaldesarts. They open the doors for visitors, but also hosts various debates on different themes - such as the position of the artist in Brussels and the concept of ’slow art’.

@ Constant Variable

Rue Gallaitstraat 80
1030 Schaerbeek