Bots, robots, cyborgs

Constant member An Mertens will take part in Just For the Record, an event dedicated to presentations, discussions and Wikipedia editing, addressing gender issues around the themes of bots, robots and cyborgs.

13:00 – introductory presentations of Just For The Record and the gender gap on Wikipedia
14:00 – discussions
14:30 – crash course on Wikipedia editing and start of the editing session
18:00 – break
18:30 – presentation by An Mertens: Uncertainty detected?
20:00 – the end

Developers of AI often use Wikipedia and Wikidata as training material for their applications, because it is the only corpus available that is large, well structured, multi-lingual, peer-reviewed, up-to-date and free to use. Mapping language to a computer model is still an experimental practice which requires compromises and contains many grey zones. An Mertens guides you through a self learning algorithm showing the different stages of the process, while the algorithm tries to detect uncertain zones in the texts she feeds it with.

Guest performer: Zora, a humanoid “girl” robot, developed to perform in residential care centers, in schools with autistic children and in various types of hospitals, trained by Tom Rottinghuis to become a member of the team of the Muntpunt library.

+ A special selection of books by Muntpunt librarian Martine Seys.

*The event is free, and light food and drinks will be provided. Please register here:

@ Muntpunt

Literair Salon (+1)
Munt 6
1000 Brussels