Biofeedback course

Valery Vermeulen will bring his tools and knowledge to ease your understanding of biofeedback and allow you to parse your brain data.
You will discover how to use techniques coming from the domains of biofeedback and psychophysiology in an artistic context.

Biofeedback and psychophysiology are a sub-domain of psychology where the link is being studied between bodily reactions (for example heart rate, stress or brain wave activity) and human emotions. Bodily reactions are hereby measured using bio-sensors such as heart rate measuring devices (ECG, electrocardiogram), brain wave measuring devices (EEG, electroencephalogram) and stress level measuring devices (GSR, galvanic skin response).

The workshop is part of a series of courses organised by F/LAT - Free/Libre Art & Technology, a platform for education and research in free/libre arts & technologies.

More info + register for this workshop:

@ WTC Tower 1 – 25th floor: F/LAT + Constant studios

Boulevard Albert II / Koning Albert II-laan 30, 1210 Bruxelles / Brussel