June 2018

Warp and weft are terms for the two basic components used in weaving to turn thread or yarn into fabric. Inspired by Constant’s rich history of events and their diverse on-line manifestations, Constant is reweaving its on-line presence.
As a way to narrate in-between concerns, projects, events (...)

Plus-Tôt Te Laat occupies Constant’s window with various works printed in risograph, that are inspired by writers who died in 1947 and whose works are in the public domain in 2018.
This installation is a re-mix of the vegetal Art Deco style of the Belgian Victor Horta, and the 9th art of William (...)

The installation Wonderwoman meets Horta created by Plus-Tôt Te Laat in the window of Constant, will be part of the weekends of the Parcours d’artistes St-Gilles 2018. Anyone interested in author rights, public domain and the possibilities of artistic creation when sources become a public good, (...)

Hangar launches an open call to participate in the second iteration of the European project Iterations. The call will select two artists: one artist living in Barcelona and another artist living outside Barcelona. The selected artists will join a group of other four artists and together will (...)

In machine learning Naive Bayes is a simple probabilistic classifier that is widely applied for spam filtering and sentiment analysis. During this session we first look at its history, its application in daily life decisions, as well as how this classifier can be used in Python. Next, we will (...)

Festive launch of XPPL: Xperimental Potential Pirate Library, Xperimental Private-Public Liaison, Xperimental Pretentious Performative Labor, Xperimental Platform for Potential Legality, Xperimental Post-Public Library.
"XPPL is a space for potential pirate librarianship aimed at people who (...)

From January to April 2018, Femke curates the research centre at a.pass, a programme for advanced performance and scenography studies in Brussels.
As part of this, she proposes five Monday Readings + an additional Saturday that bring habitual tool-situations apparent in a.pass in conversation (...)

Life limited electronics link the life cycle of humans, animals and machines; growing older biologically intersects with the lifespan of pacemakers and defibrillators. How do ageing bodies and their technological partners keep each other company, now and in the future?
Film programme within (...)

How do ageing bodies keep each other and their technological partners company? What account do they give of their generational specificities? Can we develop ecosystems that transcend time and scale in solidarity? At the closing of the worksession Ageing companions / Geprogrammeerde veroudering (...)