May 2018

bolwerK, combines in the project Crystelling parascientific history, anthropology, and technology to familiarize ourselves to the electromagnetic spectrum and to how radio and farming metaphors intertwine.
Marthe van Dessel and some other artists from the bolwerK galaxy will run an open lab in (...)

Warp and weft are terms for the two basic components used in weaving to turn thread or yarn into fabric. Inspired by Constant’s rich history of events and their diverse on-line manifestations, Constant is reweaving its on-line presence.
As a way to narrate in-between concerns, projects, events (...)

Algolit, the workgroup around FLOSS literature and code, organises a meeting on term frequency–inverse document frequency (tf-idf), a numerical statistic that reflects how important a word is to a document in a collection or corpus. It is often used as a weighting factor in searches of (...)

Every year on January 1st, copyright expires on thousands of works that subsequently enter the Public Domain. In Belgium, copyright protection lasts 70 years after the death of the author and consequently in 2018, the works of authors who died in 1947 will be released.
This year we welcome the (...)

Close Encounters is a series of presentations and public conversations organized by the a.pass Research Centre. These informal events are designed to take the time to meet, listen and evaluate an idea, a project, a research, or a specific point in a research trajectory. What to study? What to (...)

Plus-Tôt Te Laat occupies Constant’s window with various works printed in risograph, that are inspired by writers who died in 1947 and whose works are in the public domain in 2018.
This installation is a re-mix of the vegetal Art Deco style of the Belgian Victor Horta, and the 9th art of William (...)

On Friday 17 Frifek of the year Zek, a qualifier Demolineutron reduces the Large Zone of Zendium the size of a vibratory pudding, which has dramatic consequences for the lovers Xavan and Jaluka.
This comic by Peter Westenberg is a remix of paintings and drawings by Leon Spilliaert. The (...)

The installation Wonderwoman meets Horta created by Plus-Tôt Te Laat in the window of Constant, will be part of the weekends of the Parcours d’artistes St-Gilles 2018. Anyone interested in author rights, public domain and the possibilities of artistic creation when sources become a public good, (...)