January 2018

With a Model for a Politician, Gijs de Heij researches the role of language and image profiles in politics and their ability to influence our judgement. Constant will host The Weekly Address in its window, a device that employs speech recognition and machine learning to analyse patterns in a (...)

The call for participation in the Trasformatorio international hacklab is open until 11 february 2018.
Trasformatorio is a temporary laboratory that will take place in Sicily between April 20th to May 1st, 2018. It is organised by Dyne.org in collaboration with the neighborhood Giampilieri in (...)

From January to April 2018, Femke curates the research centre at a.pass, a programme for advanced performance and scenography studies in Brussels.
As part of this, she proposes five Monday Readings + an additional Saturday that bring habitual tool-situations apparent in a.pass in conversation (...)

In the context of the series Close Encounters, Nicolas Malevé, Femke Snelting and a.pass researcher Pierre Rubio will discuss the long history of Active Archives. Active Archives started in 2006 as a Constant project concerned with the digital archiving and publishing practices of cultural (...)