March 2017

For the first Constant_V of 2017, Pascale Barret installs a selection of artworks in the window of Constant: a catalogue and a rice wine experimentation developed during her last residency at TEMI in South Korea.
Spending this residency between wild and urban life, mountains with shamans, city (...)

"This is a book of translations - because translation permits dissemination - of certain selected texts which seem ti us to pose important questions, and which enable us to conceptualise our actions and our position in the future, in technology, in society, and in the network. Questions such (...)

DiVersions took place from 4 to 11 December 2016 and was inspired by the way versions are inscribed in daily software-practice. With 35 participants we explored how we could produce divergent histories through supporting difference. At you can find links to the (...)

Algolit continues to explore neural networks to see how their process can be made legible, visible, understandable. We will follow up on the Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing course from Stanford University, by Richard Socher ( Please make (...)

ESPACE AUTOUR is an invitation for you to map out your personal perception of space. Those tangible spaces show the relationship to what is around you. The classic codes of communication are thrown overboard and make way for a nonverbal, physical encounter.
Katrien shares her practice with (...)

From 7 until 12 June, the Techno-Galactic Software Observatory will explore practices of proximate critique with and of software. This worksession has been called an ’Observatory’ because we are interested in different ways to look at software, and at the implications of how it is currently (...)