January 2017

The collective Libre Objet will present variations of Peggy, exhibition furniture for Fablabs and Maker-Hacker-spaces.
During the month of October, a series of labs in Belgium was asked to produce their own version of Peggy. Each working with different equipment and materials, Peggy naturally (...)

From October 2015 until December 2016 a worksession, an exhibition and lots more ran under the header of Objects in Common. The fablab and maker culture, conversion of digital objects to the physical realm, and the issues that come along (from geopolitical to licensing to infrastructure) were (...)

Algolit continues to explore neural networks to see how their process can be made legible, visible, understandable. Participants choose how to get into the topic, through reading, tutorials, code experiments, alone or in company... Impressions and experiences are shared throughout the day. (...)

For the first Constant_V of 2017, Pascale Barret installs a selection of artworks in the window of Constant: a catalogue and a rice wine experimentation developed during her last residency at TEMI in South Korea.
Spending this residency between wild and urban life, mountains with shamans, city (...)

Data-driven systems do not arrive from nowhere, into the world like magic. Like all technologies their development and deployment follows particular historical trajectories and continuities which are influenced by larger forces. In contrast, most of the research on ’social impact’ has drawn (...)

As a contribution to a symposium on design research organised by the department of design at the Hamburg University, Femke introduces the Technogalactic Software Observatory (TSO), a temporary study center, poetic training camp and walk-in clinic that Constant will open in the World Trade (...)