Open source video

Open Source Video is a collective laboratory for the production and distribution of open source based video. Every 6 weeks there is a meeting where experiences of montage, coding and web based video are exchanged. In 2007 and 2008 OSV organized public workshop in Brussels. Additionally, Open Source Video is a weblog used as a reference by colleagues all over the world. The blog frequently reports on software tests, collects relevant news and gives tips.


Related events

Video surveillance walk

A walk under / about video surveillance followed by a discussion This walk with many visuals will follow a chain of video surveillance camera’s of very different nature, ranging from shop (...)

Open source video production and distribution

Towards new modes of documentary creation: between shared practices, normalisation and diversification. During the ’professional meetings’ organised in the framework of the Cinema du Reel (...)

Video Vortex Reader

Member of Constant Peter Westenberg contributed to the ’first research book about YouTube’ published by the Instituut voor Netwerkcultuur in Amsterdam.

Collaborative Online Video

A workshop Open Source Video exploring collaborative practices and tools.

Video Vortex

Member of Constant Peter Westenberg took part in the conference Video Vortex, responses to YouTube, organised by Argos and the Institute of Network Cultures. The raw text of his lecture ’Affinity (...)

Workshop Open Video Libre

Constant organiseert vier dagen met presentaties, oefeningen, tests en hulp rond open source video. Het testen van software zoals Cinelerra of Kino, discussie-uitwisselingsplatformen, (...) Collaborative Video

A workshop around online video-editing at, London.

Cinelerra package

Cinelerra is a non-linear video editor. Cinelerra is free software released under the GPL license.

OSVideo weblog

This weblog is a collective testsite for producing and distributing open source video. Here we keep traces of experiments with software for sharing and editing video, and report on what we found (...)

Workshop Open Video Libre

Four days with: presentations, exercises, tests and help. Which computer parts are needed / essential? Test softwares, scripts and tricks. In the evenings, Pirate Cinema from Berlin shows films (...)