Reading session

Monday Readings

From January to April 2018, Femke curates the research centre at a.pass, a programme for advanced performance and scenography studies in Brussels. As part of this, she proposes five Monday (...)

Possible Bodies: Phenomenal 3D

What norms are shaped through 3D technologies? Who invented those three "dimensions" in the first place and why to stick with them as "true"? Can tools produce realities and presences and if so: (...)

Reading Room: The BioVision Hierarchy Format

Contribution to Reading Rooms, a series of evenings dedicated to the act of collective reading organised by Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam. This edition will be dedicated to a collaborative (...)

The Document Transformed

Masterclass with Adva Zakai (Thursday) and presentation (Saturday) on the BioVision Hierarchy file format. BioVision Hierarchy (.bvh) is an ASCII file format used to import data from various (...)