Performative lecture

11e Festival Bandits-Mages

An Mertens will be participating in the 11th Festival Bandits-Mages, in the program ’Anticipated Worlds/Augmented Territories’. Fiction allows you to take a distance from everyday reality and to (...)

About Tools, an exercise at Ladyfest

What tools do you use in your artistic practice, where do they come from, how were they made? Are they digital or physical? Constant member Wendy Van Wynsberghe does a small intervention on this (...)

Algorithms as storytellers

Constant member An Mertens will give a workshop and a lecture at Consonni, a producer of contemporary art, located in Bilbao since 1997. This event is part of the programme LaPublika, a series of (...)

Stories from the Algorithmic Forest

As a contribution to ’elif n°1 : Résistance électronique, stratégie éditoriale et cyberféminisme’, a seminar reserved for students of Ensba Lyon and Esad Saint-Etienne, An Mertens will present a series (...)

Blind Softspots & Deviating mapware

Nicolas Malevé and Peter Westenberg present in IBAI/Recyclart their exercice in exploiting the imperfections and in-between-spaces that grow in stitches, blind spots and the data-abundance of (...)

Constant_V on the move

Constant_V is a series of installations that usually take place in the window of Constant, rue du Fort 5, in Saint-Gilles. Constant_V prefers showing work in progress, highlighting the (...)

Contested Tongues

For Contested Tongues, an event by Witte de With Class of ’16, Algolit members Manetta Berends, Gijs de Heij and An Mertens will present a performative lecture in which they will use texts of the (...)

Ensuite: ABC / ACB

enSuite is a series of meetings on the imaginary practice organised by Pieter Van Bogaert. From the everyday practice of media users, to the particular practice of artists and spectators or every (...)

From the kitchen to the workshop and into the lab

What would be a space that welcomes use and abuse, one that thrives on appropriation? How to make time and place for research, with life in the middle? What kind of interfaces could support (...)

Hack the Knit @ Fosdem 2015

Come find our hacked knitting machine at our Fosdem stand we share with Libre Graphics Magazine.

Happy New Year! Happy Public Domain Day!

Our best wishes for 2013 to everyone who reads this message, supports us, inspires us, works with us! Our wishes are enriched by the impressive wealth of knowledge, information and beauty that (...)

I Share Therefore I Am

I Share Therefore I am is an exhibition organised by esc medien kunst labor in the context of Steirischer Herbst, examining how digital technologies impact interpersonal relationships and (...)

Kijk mama, regarde papa, look sis! Invitation CLOSING EVENT 17/12

The ever evolving exhibition organized by Pttl is about to end. Ellentriek takes advantage of the festive atmosphere to present the Ellentrieken valies, a travel trunk full of tools and (...)

Open Course

Presentation by Nicolas Malevé followed by a Print Party, a perfomative lecture with cakes and typographies by the members of the collective OpenSource Publishing. This activity is part of Open (...)

Software Freedom Day

Software Freedom Day is a worldwide celebration of Free and Open Source Software. This event is organised by the Brussels Hackerspaces (UrLab & Hsbxl). Constant member Wendy Van Wynsberghe (...)