Anna K: Just for the record

Together with visual artist Clara Thomine, the writer Catherine Lenoble is invited to talk about Anna Kavan and other heroines during the first workshop of the series Just for the record. Just (...)

CCTV video Freedom Not Fear

Under the name Freedom Not Fear, "Defending fundamental rights in our networked world", three days of meetingsare organised that investigate the impact of EU gouvernemental surveillance (...)

Close Encounters: Active Archives

In the context of the series Close Encounters, Nicolas Malevé, Femke Snelting and a.pass researcher Pierre Rubio will discuss the long history of Active Archives. Active Archives started in 2006 (...)


The Struggle over the Future of ’Pirate’ Libraries and Universal Access to Knowledge A discussion with Balázs Bodó, Marcell Mars, Tomislav Medak and Femke Snelting Elsevier, the largest academic (...)

Feminist Futures: Automated environments

What does a feminism that has adapted to technological mediation, abstraction, the virtual, and complexity look like? And what are the new forms of occupying, segregating and contesting space (...)

Machine Research: Antoinette Rouvroy + Seda Guerses

With Antoinette Rouvroy (Université Namur) and Seda Guerses (Leuven University): Histories of big data. Two lectures and a conversation in collaboration with VUB, Department of Communication (...)

Mondothèque at Otlet Salons

Femke represents Mondothèque at the Mundaneum Edition of the Otlet Salons, a "network event that aims to foster new cooperation across the borders of disciplines, institutions and society." With (...)

Parlons hybrid/e Speech

A presentation / discussion at feminist art center La Centrale in Montreal (CA) of two projects around hybrid languages that Constant has organised over the past years in Brussels. Peter (...)

Possible Bodies

Possible bodies is the workingtitle for a collaborative work on ways 3D-software conditions imaginations of gender. Looking at the practice of 3D-modelling, scanning and printing, we are (...)

Possible Bodies: Phenomenal 3D

What norms are shaped through 3D technologies? Who invented those three "dimensions" in the first place and why to stick with them as "true"? Can tools produce realities and presences and if so: (...)

Software as a Critique

A discussion introduced by software cases like Pattern for Python, Faircoin Wallet, MakeHuman, The Unicode Standards. With: Kym Ward, Aymeric Mansoux, Jara Rocha, Roel Roscam Abbing, Femke (...)

Clouds are Not an Option

Data-driven systems do not arrive from nowhere, into the world like magic. Like all technologies their development and deployment follows particular historical trajectories and continuities which (...)